Dimlight’s music can be characterized as Symphonic Death Metal interwoven with dark symphonic elements, aggressive guitars and sharp female vocals coupled with guttural, brutal male growls.

Dimlight is a band highly active in live performances worldwide and their presence on stage always unleashes a raw, captivating energy guaranteed to sweep even the most demanding audience off its feet.

The band was formed in 2006, but it took almost three years to release their first full length album, “Obtenebration”, with Emotion Art Ltd. The album was recorded at Baseline studios, mixed by Spiros Aspiotis and mastered in Tailor Maid Studio, by Peter In de Betou.

Around mid-2010, Dimlight started working on new material and in 2012 they released their second studio album, ‘Psychosynthesis”. The album was recorded at Dimlight’s personal studio, mixed by Fotis Benardo (SepticFlesh) and mastered in Tailor Maid Studio by Peter in de Betou. Among the guest musicians featured were Seth Siro Anton (SepticFlesh), Ilianna Tsakiraki (Enemy of Reality, ex-Meden Agan) and Stelios Mavromitis (ex-Astarte, ex-SepticFlesh).

The band’s efforts were widely embraced by metal fans and the momentum of their success landed them an invitation to participate in one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe, the metal Female Voices Festival (MFVF), in celebration of its tenth anniversary, in 2012.

Fueled by a desire to explore new and diverse musical paths, Dimlight were unwilling to remain stagnant – and unafraid to experiment. Within the same year, they began working on their third album.

In August 2014, the band’s female vocalist, Sanna Salou, left the band and Eva Fourlanou replaced her, becoming the new lead voice of Dimlight.

A little more than a year later, in December 2015, the band released their third album, “The Lost Chapters”, in collaboration with Sliptrick Records. The album was recorded at Soundflakes studios and was both mixed and mastered by John Mcris. Amongst the guest musicians who participated were Jean Baptiste (Randomwalk), Maya (Meden Agan), Maria-Melissanthi Routi (Kinetic) and Alfred Shtuni. The cover artwork for “The Lost Chapters” was created by Pierre-Alain D. // 3mmi Design.

Due to the particularly warm reception of “The Lost Chapters” album by fans in the Middle East, Dimlight toured extensively in Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai and even India, performing on stages where virtually no other European band ever had the privilege to play on.

In 2018, Eva Fourlanou had to part ways with Dimlight due to the increased time demands of her professional career. Thus, Mora entered the band and took up the part of lead female vocalist.

Furthermore, the addition of fiction author, Marios Koutsoukos, to Dimlight’s lineup opened new conceptual and lyrical horizons for the band, sparking a turn towards the creation of concept-based, story-telling albums and further unfolding the deeply atmospheric and vividly theatrical aspect of their music.

In October 2018 Dimlight released “Kingdom of Horrors”, a concept album based on a dark fantasy novel by the band’s resident author and member, being in essence a three-fold album, accompanied by an additional OST release, “Realm of Tragedy”, a highly experimental, mood-setting ensemble of compositions, wildly veering away from the band’s previously established sound.

Lineup changes continued with the addition of Apostolis, who came onboard as the band’s keyboardist and composer of orchestral part, lending a darker, more complex and bombastic to Dimlight’s powerful and massive grit.

Taking advantage of the “new blood’s” potential in the band, Apostolis composed a second companion-album to “Kingdom of Horrors”, a purely orchestral work performed in the atmospherically and grandiose vein of motion picture soundtracks, entitled “A Symphony of Horrors”, which completed the “Kingdom of Horrors” trilogy release.

Invoker Peter produced all the new musical material, while the cover artwork was created by Manthos Stergiou / Master Design.

Taking things a step further than any metal band before, Dimlight also created a tabletop role-playing board game to go along with “Kingdom of Horrors” and allow fans to explore and adventure through the vast fantasy world behind the lyrical concept of the album – “Secrets of Irkala Kar”. Original artwork for the board game was created by Melina Zarkadi while setup and design of the game pack was carried out by Achileas Xydis.

Dimlight have toured extensively across Europe and the Middle East and have had the pleasure and honor to share the stage with bands such as Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Firewind, The Haunted, Delain, Xandria, Vision of Atlantis, Leaves Eyes, Sirenia, Annihilator and many more talented artists.

Dimlight is officially endorsed by: Schechter Guitar Research, Mapex Drums, 39 Custom Guitars, Rotosound Strings and Visual Sound Pedals.