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Secrets of Irkala Ka

“Secrets of Irkala Kar” is an old-school tabletop Role Playing Game, uniquely designed not just for fans of the band but also of the genre. Gather your friends, dim the lights, put some mood-setting music in the background and get ready to act out your very own adventures in the realm of Irkala Kar, where your only limitations is your imagination – and the fickle constrains of madness. Navigate through the realm of the dead, face the abominable guardians at the seven gates; work together to live or fight one another for the gleaming prizes awaiting in dark places… the choice is yours.

**Orders ship out within 5-7 Days**

Band : Dimlight
Title : Secrets Of Irkala Kar
Release Date : Feb 25, 2019
Catalog ref. :7

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