“A symphony of horrors cover ”



We are excited and proud to present to you the cover of our orchestral album, “A symphony of horrors” (Artwork by: Invoker Peter, graphics by Melina Zarkadi): are you ready for the very Underworld’s soundtrack? Follow us through sunless paths and under cyclopean basaltic arcades of inhuman proportions and mind-distorting geometry on a journey through the tortured realm of the dead in ten parts:

(Mix and mastered by Invoker Peter at Dark Cortex studio)


  1. The Solace in Death’s Dreams
  2. Descent into the Stygian Dark
  3. Horror Unfurls Its Wings
  4. Basaltic Towers of Silence
  5. Where Abominations Rule
  6. The Black Soul of Irkala Kar
  7. Crawling Through Despair’s Battlefield
  8. Palace of the Elder Ones
  9. The Grim Fate of the Blessed
  10. Beyond Death’s Icy Grip

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