Welcome to the empire of Nemorensia



Welcome to the empire of Nemorensia – a vast realm spreading over the face of an earth newly resurfaced from the tumultuous waves of the Great Cataclysm which swept into oblivion the race of the Pangeans and their gods. Now, Nemorensian force rules over the land; the old gods have been replaced by the might of the sword and the dread inspired by the Magian order. Peace, however, was not brought by a dove, but by a raven instead. Vast expanses of land and jagged mountain ranges are all under the yoke of tyranny. The air in the cities and villages of the empire is heavy with suspicion and rank with fear. Villagers toil their lives away under the watchful eye of the agents of the Magus Emperor who are everywhere and swift to punish treason. The only shred of light in this dismal and oppressed world lies across the glimmering horizon, where stretches the Iovian archipelago in an expanse of shimmering azure and green, reminding everyone of the freedom they can only dream of… and aspire to, in death.

Graphics by the one and only Melina Zarkadi

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